A graduate program in early childhood special education prepares graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to excel as teachers in this critical stage of a child’s development. A quality online early childhood special education master’s program produces teachers who thoroughly understand the variations of child development and can work in a variety of settings.

Importantly, the best graduate programs prepare teachers to take what is learned from the latest research into child development and apply it in a classroom setting.

The online format gives educators more flexibility in scheduling their master’s degree coursework around busy professional and personal lives. For example, the Master of Science in Education in Early Childhood Special Education at Bank Street College of Education prepares graduates to work in early childhood special education with children from birth through second grade.

The Value of a Master’s Degree 

The primary advantage of earning a master’s degree in early childhood education is advancing your skills. On a practical level, the online early childhood special education master’s program prepares graduates to seek New York State certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities, birth to grade two. This also requires students to have completed all other state certification requirements. Those wishing to obtain certification in other states should research the requirements in the specific state.

A master’s degree creates the opportunity to qualify for the best jobs available. This includes working with young children in special education classrooms or inclusion classrooms.

Coursework at Bank Street

The Bank Street program provides an ex