Bank Street’s online early childhood dual certification master’s program in Early Childhood Special and General Education is offered through the Graduate School of Education. Students with an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university are eligible to apply. The online degree platform brings Bank Street’s unique approach to graduate education to aspiring teachers beyond the New York City metro area. As a student, you’ll prepare to be an educator with purpose, one who knows the impact they have on children, their community, and the world.

What Will You Learn in the Online Early Childhood Dual Certification Program at Bank Street?

Bank Street students learn about the continuum of development in early childhood as they consider the best ways to support a broad range of children’s social, emotional, cognitive, language, and motor growth. Bank Street’s unique approach provides aspiring teachers with knowledge of development through play, social interaction, and sensory experiences. Students learn the most up-to-date methods of teaching as they implement strategies that are supported by the most current research on inclusive practices.

Students will learn the value and methods of carefully observing children and how to use the resulting knowledge to guide teaching practices. Dual certification in general and special education gives prospective certified teachers the ability to effectively and creatively work with children across a range of contexts.

What Does It Look Like to Complete a Master’s Program Online at Bank Street?

The early childhood dual certification master’s degree is a fully online program. In addition to online coursework, Bank Street students learn by way of hands-on experience through in-person supervised fieldwork, often completed at their current school of employment. Students who are not currently working in education have the opportunity to work with Bank Street in order to achieve a flexible and convenient fieldwork placement on a case-by-case basis.

This type of flexibility is exactly what working professional educators need.

The early childhood degree prepares students to work with children starting at birth through grade 2. Dual certification means you’ll have the ability to work with children in general, inclusive, and/or special education settings.

What Is the Career Outlook for Early Childhood Dual Certification Graduates?

Graduates of the Early Childhood Special and General Education Dual Certification program have the ability to be initially certified in both general and special education for early childhood in New York State. This opens teachers up to opportunities to work with children of varying developmental stages in multiple settings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics  (BLS) predicts overall growth of employment for special education teachers of eight percent by 2026. “School enrollment and the demand for special education services should drive growth.” Also according to the BLS, New York has the highest rate of employment for special education teachers in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school.

Coursework and Credits

The online early childhood dual certification master’s program culminates in a Master of Science in Education that requires 50 credits to complete. Students complete coursework, practicums, and supervised fieldwork and will need to fulfill all exam requirements for any state in which they wish to become certified. Graduates are eligible for New York State certification but should research the requirements from other states if applicable. Read more about the early childhood degree or submit the form to have a Bank Street advisor assist you with your application.