Build Your Skills as a School District Leader

Learn from more than 100 years of progressive education.

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Build Your Skills as a Leader

Learn from more than 100 years of progressive education experience.

with Bank Street

The Bank Street School District Leader program is uniquely designed to empower educational and administrative leaders with the tools for collaborative, compassionate, and humanistic change. Educators who qualify for their certification in School District Leader are prepared to take on advanced roles as leaders ready to make a difference on a large scale. Bank Street leaders transform districts and schools and help children and adults reach their highest potential.

Exclusive Scholarship for Our Inaugural Online Class!

Once you enroll in one of our new online graduate programs in spring 2020, you will automatically receive the Trailblazer Scholarship, worth up to $1,500 per 5-credit semester. This will be in addition to any other financial assistance you receive as part of your financial aid application.  There’s still time to submit your application and join Bank Street’s first online class. 


Become a Bank Street-Trained Teacher or Educational Leader

Bank Street’s online leadership certificate programs allow professional educators to earn an important credential that helps them transition out of the classroom into leadership positions without disrupting their professional or personal lives. Bank Street is highly respected by practitioners as a place deeply committed to educators, teaching, and children. Employers love Bank Street-trained educators, too—5% of all New York City public school leaders are Bank Street alumni.

The Bank Street Approach to Leadership Education

Leadership programs at Bank Street offer more, helping you become a leader who knows how to think creatively, work collaboratively, understand and reflect. You will learn Bank Street’s progressive approach to teaching and learning, participate in class activities that reflect the types of active learning structures that lead to transformational learning, and participate advisement groups that provide opportunities to understand the group process by being active participants.

Unique Pedagogy

  • At Bank Street, you will lead through personal transformation and reflective practice. You will lead, aiming for social justice and equality. Our developmental-interactive approach recognizes that both children and adults learn best when they are actively engaged with materials, ideas, and people.

Thoughtful Administration

  • Students in the district leadership program will learn the skills and gain the knowledge needed to be outstanding administrators, become confident in their decision making, and develop the ability to manage budgets and other technical aspects of district leadership.

Progressive Leadership

  • Bank Street goes beyond administration to teach you how to improve education by supporting and mentoring teachers and administrators so they may begin to acknowledge their own strengths and contributions to the change process. This stance supports meaningful school transformation that benefits students and teachers a like.
jessica diaz bank street graduate
Meet Alumni who Have Transitioned to Leadership Roles

“We bonded over growing pains and the anxieties and concerns we had as we prepared for demanding leadership roles. The coursework also prepared me in a really special way and taught me how to facilitate conversations with other educators that might be difficult—conversations in which you have to be radically candid and bring issues to the forefront that people don’t want to talk about. My education at Bank Street was transformative.”

Jessica Diaz
‘08 and ‘09

Coursework for School District Leadership Program

This program is delivered through a series of five 1-credit modules. Some participants will also undertake a 6-credit fieldwork placement. Required courses cover topics from leadership in curriculum and fiscal management, school violence prevention, and attending to the needs of all students. Courses focus on these key areas of district leadership:

• Adult Development and Learning
• Collaborative Decision Making
• Developing a District Vision
• Managing Expectations
• Instructional Policy and Planning
• Relationship Building and Engagement
• Program and Policy Development

Take the Lead with Bank Street

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